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Transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12

Year 12 can be very daunting as there is a large increase in the workload and difficulty of subjects. At MedGuide Tuition, we aim to establish a solid foundation of knowledge to prepare students for their year ahead. We cover the core concepts which students often find difficult to grasp, giving them an effective headstart.

Comprehensive, multiple-day course

Our programs each run for 3-days during the end-of-year holidays and aim to cover the foundational content from each topic of students’ subjects.

High-yield notes

Students will be provided with access to detailed study notes for review in their own time. These provide descriptions of the concepts covered in-class.

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Our experienced second-year medical school students are top performers. They will explain concepts thoroughly and clearly to ensure you understand the content in each lesson.


Students are provided with detailed study notes, worked practice questions, and independent exam-style questions in each lesson which can be used during exam preparation.

Evidence-based teaching

Our approach is to give students the skills they need to become life-long learners. We reinforce the use of spaced repetition, active recall, and the Pomodoro technique among many.


Year 11 to Year 12 Transition

$59 / day
  • Attend in-person or online via Zoom
  • 3-hour sessions
  • Learn key concepts found in the subject outline and those commonly tested
  • Learn using evidence-based study techniques
  • High-yield resource booklets provided with in-depth notes, practice questions and detailed explanations
  • Practice exam and walkthrough at end of lesson

Meet our tutors


Amber Kraczkowska (MBBS II)

University: University of Adelaide - Second Year Medicine
ATAR: 99.55
UCAT: 98th percentile
Subjects: UCAT, Medical Interviews, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English, Research Project

With patience, positivity, and a great sense of humour, I look forward to supporting you on your academic journey. I have over 4 years of tutoring experience backed by outstanding academic results.


Jaiden Nairne-Nagy (MBBS II)

University: University of Adelaide - Second Year Medicine
ATAR: 98.85
UCAT: 91st percentile
Subjects: UCAT, Medical Interviews, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics

Hi! My name is Jaiden Nairne-Nagy and I am a caring, highly motivated, energetic, and diligent tutor with a strong academic record. Having over 3 years of tutoring experience, I will provide students with personalised guidance along their journey.

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